Interchain incubator DAO & DeFi powerhouse

Figure DAO is a decentralized community middleware between the Foundations of leading L1/L2s and their project pipelines.

Proudly working with ETH, BSC SmartChain, Arbitrum, for interchain future.

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A Brief Introduction to Figure DAO

Figure DAO is the next-generation protocol for decentralized fundraising. It will enable projects to raise funds, with one of the most diverse type of profiles in the market.

Why Figure DAO?

Mythology and history play a huge part in our ecosystem, and we wanted to reflect this across our offering. The idea of Figure DAO, that the simplest solution is usually the right path, is closely aligned with the simplicity and utility of Figure components. But why Figure DAO? As our raise platform and launchpad, we wanted to work with the play-on-words of raising capital, while also reflecting the idea that crypto DeFi ecosystem will raze others that preceded it - building new from the old, that is Figure DAO.

Figure DAO
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What does Figure DAO bring to the table?

Our proposition is a simple one. We want to assist every project that seeks initial investments for taking off to do it in the most efficient way. That efficiency is not limited to a unique fundraising profile, but is maintained throughout every single alternative we provide. With Figure DAO, projects will be able to raise funds in a swift and low-cost manner, without disregarding current DEX fundraising shortcomings. We face head on extreme volatility, front-running, and other unaccounted intricacies of the fundraising process. Our RegTech and compliance toolbox allows us to provide an entire novel user experience.


CEX listing
CEX listing 2
Development project
60% LP and Presale
Total Supply


Where by native yield for staking native chain coins are exchanged for project tokens. Projects get block-by-block financing, stakers are free to unstake at any moment.

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Figure Lanunchpad

Access to early investment rounds

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Figure Incubator

Participation in the Figure DAO Incubator governance process

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Figure ISPO

Invites to hosted and sponsored Figure DAO events

ISPO pools

Delegate with confidence to any of the incredible projects conducting their ISPO with the Figure DAO. Simply click on their respective card to see valuable statistics and information. You are just one click away from pre-money exposure to some of the most innovative projects in web3.

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Projects are is built from the ground up to allow our DAO members exposure to a constant stream of innovation, and you can now continuously farm via a dedicated ISPO.

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Being one of the first tokens to utilize our new ISPO infrastructure, you will gain access to a highly diverse, interchain portfolio of project tokens - all by simply delegating your ETH or BNB to the correct stake pool. Head on over to our ISPO dashboard to begin your staking journey.

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ISPO platform

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Figure DAO Board

Committed to the ideals of decentralized governance.

With the partner tier initiative, we are tokenizing the entirety of our business model, enabling stakers access to the Occam Incubator pipeline.

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Tokenized Incubator on Figure DAO

The access to the governance mechanisms shaping Figure DAO Incubator requires dedication to and belief in Figure DAO business model with our native FDAO tokens.

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Advanced security standards

The Figure DAO Board are reflective of that and are designed to reflect large ecosystem commitments with access to earlier fundraising rounds and other perks.

Figure DAO - SWAP

Product Roadmap

In order to make the experience of incorporating all the moving pieces of the ecosystem as seamless and convenient for projects/users/community as possible, we have carefully developed a roadmap that will slowly incorporate all the building blocks and ultimately provide the new BSC/ETH liquidity exponentiated ecosystem.

Phase I

During the first Phase, we plan to release Figure DAO - FDAO on the Binance Smart chain mainnet with its core features - fixed price pools, FDAO token staking for pool access, and liquidity mining. We began working on Phase I and Phase II deliverables almost 1 months ago.

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Phase II

Throughout the second Phase, our intent is to release the full set of features for Figure DAO, enabling a much more flexible fundraising process as well as deeper integration of the FDAO token’s utility, we also expect to release Figure DAO on the Ethereum mainnet during this time. In parallel, we will collaborate with our business partners (centralized exchanges and wallets) towards building a BSC-Ethereum bridge which will allow anyone to deposit, trade, and withdraw FDAO as either Ethereum and BSC native token.

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Phase III

While we believe that Figure DAO will be launched on the ETH mainnet in Q2 2023, we want to reserve sufficient room for development as we will have to code from scratch the entire smart contract codebase in the new layer 2 Arbitrum. Figure DAO should be launched on the Arbitrum mainnet and development on BSC/ETH and Arbitrum is to follow.

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Phase IV

In this phase, we expect to deploy the DAO governance solution into all networks and bridge all together.

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